30,000 games are streaming on Steam now

30,000 games are streaming on Steam now

Steam has declared that they now have a total of 30,000 games and this does not include all the DLC or the software present on the website.

Steam has taken its time to grow and now it has been able to grow so big that it holds 30,000 games. It now has a lot on its website, including all the software and videos and  21,000 more content on their website. That’s basically one game for every inhabitant of Kent, Ohio; Hertfordshire; Dubbo, Hatfield, New South Wales.

According to the data which was found from Steam Spy, a total of 9,300 games were released only in the year 2018 which increased a lot as compared to the year 2017 where only 6,700 games were released. This goes on to show over half, roughly 53 percent of the games on Steam come out in two years since the advent of Steam Direct.

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It is harder to speculate that if the growth of Steam will still be at such a fast rate in the next few years. The iOS App Store has peaked in the year 2016 with about half a million games, and since then there has been a steady decline. According to the growth that has been there in the last year, it is expected that Steam will release almost 10,000 games in 2019. So at least, one can expect one Steam game for every inhabitant of Liechtenstein by the end of 2019.

Steam is now one of the biggest websites to host games on PC. People have been installing and using Steam for a long period of time and the response has been very good.

The gaming industry is developing at a very fast rate. With the introduction of consoles in the market, more people are switching to console gaming, but the PC gamers are still going strong. According to a professional PC gamer:

“It is very much important to have a platform like Steam so that all the users are able to have a very easy way of getting their favorite games without having to look for a physical game in different places.”

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Steam has been growing its business at a very steady rate and the amount of revenue that they are generating is also very high. Steam is able to make profits by running their website over the years.



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