Alien Blackout, a new game is all set to get launched on Google Play

Alien Blackout, a new game is all set to get launched on Google Play
Alien Blackout, a new game is all set to get launched on Google Play

Till date, not a single Alien game has been able to make its place in the mobile game industry. People do like playing Alien games, but all the games that have been designed for the mobile platform were not up to the mark. People have been waiting for an alien game for a long period of time and finally, it is here. This game called Blackout which is based on Aliens and is basically an adaptation of a video game. This game will be a survival game is running on a simple story line. The basic storyline of the game is very simple and people would love playing it.

The trailer of the mobile game is finally out and it had intrigued a lot of people already. The space of mobile games is increasing day by day. People are getting used to all the games which are available on the application store. All the different games that are available in the app store are changing drastically. All the games on the mobile phone platform now come with great graphics and gameplay.

Nowadays, people who enjoy mobile games have started enjoying different storyline games and this is the reason more developers are coming up with games with a storyline. The graphics and gameplay which people have seen in the trailer of the game look promising and people are expecting that this game will be one of the best games in the whole genre of alien mobile games.

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It is expected from the graphics that the game will be heavy and to enjoy full graphics of the game, users will definitely need to play it on an HD display. The game can also be played on a normal display, but the graphics will deteriorate. If you are looking for a game that will scare you and is packed with actions, then the Blackout game is just perfect.

People are having high hopes with this game and it is expected that the developers will be able to be successful with this game. People still don’t have a clear idea if the game Blackout will be available for free in the Play store or users will have to purchase the game.


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