Android-based WonderOS enables users to play any game from their Smartphone

Android-based WonderOS enables users to play any game from their Smartphone
Android-based WonderOS enables users to play any game from their Smartphone

For the last few decades, a rather mysterious technology startup named Wonder has been teasing us with its own plans to supply a high-end gaming experience onto your smartphone. 1 year before, it is shown in a meeting using The Verge it had been working on its Android smartphone that could have its gambling software installed.

Now, the business has relaunched its site, together with the first public pictures of exactly what its WonderOS gaming applications will look like. Fundamentally, WonderOS is planning to create your smartphone the sole device you can use to play some other sport, while it’s released for the cellular console or PC platforms.

The website also appears to indicate that a little shift in management for Wonder. It mentions launching its smartphone but its FAQ webpage does say it is “working with numerous device manufacturers and OEMs to incorporate WonderOS on smartphones all around the world.” It’s presently signing up users who could be chosen to beta test WonderOS in their smartphone.

What’s WonderOS and how can it make video gaming better on mobiles?

So just what is WonderOS? In accordance with their relaunched site, consider this as”a Roku of matches” that is going to be so open minded, it is going to allow you to play with any sort of match on your smartphone. Besides playing mobile games, WonderOS is designed to allow you to stream your favorite console and PC games and play them in your telephone too.

WonderOS is also designed to permit gamers to not just join and play with other players, but they’re also able to livestream their existing games for other people to check out and see. The FAQ page says the center WonderOS platform will probably be free for players, but it is going to also provide paid options, like buying games straight, or using particular membership subscriptions which will add attributes, including the capability to flow games console and PC games along with access to your library of top games at no cost.

Once it seems that Wonder will not market its smartphones, it is going to promote other hardware which will connect to mobiles with WonderOS installed. This includes a Wonder GamePad, which enables players to control games on their smartphone using a console-like encounter. There is also the Magic Dock, which enables smartphones to join to big-screen TVs and tracks, again to play with games console and PC-based games.

When will WonderOS formally launch?

Regrettably, there is no word on when the company plans to formally launch WonderOS. As we mentioned previously, the website is presently taking signups for players to beta test the app. There is no word on how much its superior services, gamepad, and pier will cost.

Can WonderOS succeed?

Magic is a rather modest gaming startup business, but it certainly has very ambitious plans to flip Android smartphones to a device where owners may play any sport they need. Obviously, we’re already seeing a lot of competition from leading companies in this kind of gaming area.

Microsoft and Google are likely to launch their very own streaming match solutions, (XCloud and Stadia( respectively), after this year. Both are targeting mobile players in their quest to provide high-end games gaming to smartphones. Obviously, there is also the Nintendo Switch, that has been tremendously successful in providing a way for players to play with its titles on the move with its tablet-like controller.

It is going to be fascinating to determine if WonderOS is going to have the ability to genuinely offer you a one time platform for playing some other sport. Hopefully, using E3 2019 coming in a couple of weeks, the business is going to show more information on its aims.



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