Ankama releases new pixel based roguelike game called King Crusher

Ankama releases new pixel based roguelike game called King Crusher
Ankama releases new pixel based roguelike game called King Crusher

Ankama Game has been able to make a name for itself for developing games on the mobile platform for both Android and iOS devices. The main reason they have become so much popular is that of the pixel based games in the market. The best thing about the pixel games is that they help people to get to their childhood days and enjoy all the games.

People who have not ever played pixel games will be able to get the fun out of it with the help of this game. This game that is developed by Ankama Game called King Crusher is based on RPG that basically mixes all the hero collection and all the puzzle sliding mechanism with a very honest monetization system. The results of this game have been very enjoyable and it is hard for people to put down their game.

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The game launched its trailer on YouTube and people went crazy. The response of the people was really good and this is the reason the company was relieved. The company was a bit skeptical about designing a pixel based game, but after the initial response to the trailer, they were really happy. People have come out on social media platforms and have given out their support to the company.

One of the fans has said:

 “I am really happy that Ankama Game was able to design such a game that will be able to take me down to the memory lane. This game will be loved by people like me and it is going to be a hit in the gaming market.”

Mobile games have been able to capture a fresh set of audience. It is very much harder to predict the response of mobile gamers. The response of this game has been initially good. The trailer is very much promising and people are very much excited to play this game. The company has come out and said:

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 “We are very happy to announce that we will be taking the games down to their memory lane with pixel games, better graphics, and best gameplay.”

It is now time for the people to go download this game. This game will be available for both Android and iOS platform. The news about launching this game in different consoles like Xbox and Play station is yet to be confirmed by the developer.


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