Best Battle Royale Games to play on Android and iOS in June 2019

Best Battle Royale Games to play on Android and iOS in June 2019
Best Battle Royale Games to play on Android and iOS in June 2019

Battle Royale games such as PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, as most of us know, hit cellular players hard. With over countless active gamers, these names are still going strong even after all these years.

Well, if you are tired of playing the exact same old battle royale names, or in case you’re likely to get aboard the battle royale hype train, then we have got some wonderful choices. Let us check out them –

1) Crossfire Legends

Should you prefer PUBG Mobile, then you will probably like Crossfire Legends too. It is an excellent game and it is created by Tencent, the men who created PUBG Mobile. Exactly like PUBG Mobile, Crossfire Legends’ BR mode also enables you to dive right into a solo, duo or a squad match.

Crossfire Legends got excellent firearms and amazing visuals, so it is definitely worth checking out. Besides the BR manner, this specific game also provides a couple of distinct modes like Team Deathmatch, Mutant style, and much more.

Download: Android & iOS

2) Call Of Duty: Mobile

This one’s a pretty new game. But it is not available for many users, but it is still worth adding into the listing. Call of Duty: Mobile, even though it’s only available for pick users that are registered, has gained a great deal of traction. It has got a Battle Royale style, Team Deathmatch, etc..

Call of Duty: Mobile distinguishes itself as a strategic shooter, which makes it among the most titles on the market offering a strategic shooting experience. We have already set up a thorough compose describing the vital differences out of PUBG Mobile and also you can test it out here. In the event, you have not tried the game yet, here is the way you sideload the match and play with it.

Download: Android & iOS

3) Fortnite

Fortnite is in-part accountable for producing the battle royale hype, therefore we needed to bring this into the mixture. Contrary to PUBG Mobile, this is a super secure game and a great deal of fun to perform with. Though Fortnite is a battle royale name, the gameplay is a bit more different.

The only drawback to this game is the fact that it is not on the Google Play Store, which means you’re going to need to get it in the Epic Launcher. It is available right from the App Store though.

Download: Android & iOS

4) PUBG Mobile

Well, lastly we’ve got PUBG Mobile. Yes, the game which popularised the Battle Royale genre. The game allows you to leap to an island with 99 other gamers and also become an epic struggle to acquire the ‘Chicken Dinner’.

The game features a lot of different weapons, seems excellent, and also works on mobiles with not-so-powerful specs. Among the greatest things about this sport is that it is always updated with fresh skins, etc., items, so there is always something to anticipate. Give it a try if you have not already, but maintain your play in check.

Download: Android & iOS



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