Best gacha RPGs for Android in 2019

Best gacha RPGs for Android in 2019
Best gacha RPGs for Android in 2019

Gacha RPGs is one of the most popular amongst people using android mobile phones. Now a day, everyone uses a smartphone and this is the reason Gacha RPGs has become so popular. Gacha RPGs has gathered huge popularity for that they have also started to overtake very popular applications like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. These games from their previous big genres were popular, but Gacha RPGs has been successfully able to overtake it.

The genre that is putting a lot of pressure in Gacha RPGs is the Battle Royale franchise. The Battle Royale games have once ruled this mobile game industry and finally, there is another brand to compete with it in the market. There are many games where you will be able to collect a lot of heroes and also battle them out real-time with people all across the globe. Some of the games which are recommended by people to play in this genre on Android are Marvel Strike Force, Age of Magic, Summoners War, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, and Mobius Final Fantasy.

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The Marvel Strike Force game is very popular amongst all the peoples who much into the Marvel superheroes because all the favorite superheroes of Marvel are available in the game. The visuals of this game are way too good and it is available absolutely free in the Android market. If you are looking to download this game, you can simply go to the Google Play Store and then download the game from there.

Another game which has been able to get a lot of attention recently is the Age of Magic. This game is very much close to the Marvel Strike Force. After the release of this game, Marvel Forces were very upset because both the games are much similar in nature.

Summoners War is also a game which has become very popular in the Gacha RPGs on mobile phones. This is a very strong addition to this genre and it has a big historical significance and is based on great graphics and controls. The smooth gameplay of this game has made it a lot popular in such a short time. If you are looking for history lessons, then you can definitely try this game out to entertain yourself on your android mobile.

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