Big 4.5 patch of Final Fantasy is now live on PS4 and PC

Big 4.5 patch of Final Fantasy is now live on PS4 and PC
Big 4.5 patch of Final Fantasy is now live on PS4 and PC

People are all excited because the first part of a Requiem for heroes has finally arrived. The first part of the famous game Final Fantasy XIV Storm blood’s patch 4.5 has arrived.

People have been waiting for this patch for quite a long period of time and it is finally available. This big patch is available for both PlayStation 4 users and the PC users. The update has made some major changes in the game. This update was able to add a lot of new content to the MMO which includes the main storyline quest and other Shadow bringers expansion.

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Amongst the new content which is available, the final raid in the Return to Ivalice is the most interesting. People who are into the game have come out and said:

“The changes that were made to the game are very much major and this is the reason this game turned out to be so good.”

This game has become hugely popular and number of people are purchasing this game from the online store. In the latest patch 4.5, there has been a new addition to the new dungeon and the Ghimlyt Dark, which basically comes with a 90-minute time limit that only players will be able to track who has a Disciple of War or Magic that is in level 70.

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The latest version of the update has also successfully added new minions, hairstyles mounts to the MMO. There has also been a new introduction called the limited job, the Blue Mage. All these are yet to go live and will be available to the players from the 15th of January 2019.

The market for games has become so much popular recently. People have been developing games and trying to update the games which are already being built. All the game developing countries are now focusing on building a game which will run on all the platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and mobile.

More and more games are being designed for all the platforms every day. The reason why the game “Final Fantasy” became so much popular in all the platforms is that of its amazing gameplay. People are now really excited after the update because this update was able to make the game much more interesting and better in all aspects.



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