Black Ops 4 update released, more patches to be added soon

Black Ops 4 update released, more patches to be added soon
Black Ops 4 update released, more patches to be added soon

Treyarch has finally come out with a Reedit post that has all the details about the new update that people have been waiting for in the “Call of Duty Black Ops 4.” One of the updates of the game is finally life and the rest of the features will be added by the company later this month. The patches which will be coming out later this month are Blackout and Zombie. The update, which recently was given to the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 was released on the 8th of January which basically added Endurance Chaos Mosh pit in the featured playlist.

The latest update also puts Mercenary Capture Mosh pit, Mercenary Hardcore Mosh pit, Deathmatch Mosh pit, and the Map Pack Mosh pit in the featured category. It is expected that Treyarch will also be adding the League Play to the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in the last week of January. This new feature will help to transform all the multiplayer into something more professional with skills-based match-making which will definitely make things much more interesting for all the players.

People have been tired of playing multiplayer who are not close to their ranking. The new changes will surely make things more interesting for everyone. It is expected that the League Play event will generally last for about three days like all the other tournaments and this will be testing out all the skills of the players.

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The new Zombie feature is also scheduled to release this month and it is expected that this will be a big change to the game. The game company is not sure about how the Zombie update will go with the players, but previously when Call of Duty added a Zombie aspect to their game, the players appreciated it a lot.

The best thing about the “Call of Duty Black Ops 4” is the online multiplayer option. The game company is working hard so that they are able to add new features to this game and also make sure to please all the millions of players playing this game on a daily basis.

Call of Duty is now one of the most successful online multiplayer games which is popular in the global market even after so many changes and versions of the game released every year.

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