The Next Generation PCI 7 Is Soon on the Horizon

Bjorn Stokke

PCI 7 looks promising, and PCI-SIG is well underway in finalizing the new standard.

Cryptocurrency AMD Ryzen 9

Cryptocurrency Mining Does a Real Comeback

Bjorn Stokke

Crypto is heading for the skies again. This affects the market for graphics cards and processors.

Unreal Engine Banner

Unreal Engine Gets a New Price Plan

Bjorn Stokke

Unreal Engine introduces a new and fair pricing plan that satisfies all parties.

Xbox Banner

Xbox Loses Its Exclusivity on Multiplatform

Bjorn Stokke

The Xbox division at Microsoft must change its strategies. Now, there is talk of launching previously Xbox exclusive titles on multiple platforms.

Intel CPU Intel Bartlett Lake

Intel Bartlett Lake Is Reportedly the New Budget CPU for Gamers

Bjorn Stokke

The latest lineup of Intel Core CPUs is just around the corner, but now everyone is talking about Intel Bartlett Lake.

Nintendo Switch 2 Rumors Banner

Red Hot Nintendo Switch 2 Rumors

Bjorn Stokke

New rumors surrounding Nintendo Switch 2. A larger order of 8-inch screens indicates that something is underway.

Gaming PC Information Banner

Everything About Your Gaming PC You Need to Know

Tom Jacobsen

This is our official guide for a Gaming PC, where we have compiled many essential points you should take note of.

Steam Logo Steam Discontinues Support

Steam Discontinues Support for Older Versions of Windows

Bjorn Stokke

Steam discontinues support for older versions of Windows. This was announced earlier in 2023 and should not come as a surprise to most users.

Graphics Cards Leak Gigabyte Videocardz

Huge Graphics Cards Leak From Gigabyte

Bjorn Stokke

In a graphics cards leak from Gigabyte, Videocardz reports that the new Super series is confirmed for sometime in February.

Meta Quest 3

Meta Is Still Hemorrhaging Money

Bjorn Stokke

Meta is still far from what they want for AR and VR. We believe the technology is not ready yet.

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