Epic Games to release their own store for Android in 2019

Epic Games to release their own store for Android in 2019
Epic Games to release their own store for Android in 2019

In 2019, Epic Games will finally be launching the Epic Game Store for Android platform.

Epic games Store will be available in Android at the beginning of the year 2019. The date of the release is yet to be announced by the company. It is expected that the Epic Game store will be coming up with their own set of games. The main aim of Epic Games is to create an alternative store for all the games available on the /Android platform. This Epic Games Store will specifically focus on all the different games.

Epic Games is trying to create a platform like Steam in the Android operating system. The main aim of Epic Games is to make sure that they are able to bring together a group of curated games for Apple as well as Android platform. Epic games have made Fortnite available for all the different users using the iOS platform and now they want to add more games to such platforms with the help of a store.

According to experts, the Epic Games store will be launched in the month of March. Epic Games have already launched their Store for the PC in 2018 and it is time for them to launch it on the Android platform. The target of this company is to launch the iOS platform by the end of the year 2019.

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The market of consoles is very different, so it is not possible to launch their own store there, therefore, Epic games are concentrating their focus on the Android operating system and iOS operating system. Steam has earned a lot of revenue this year from gamers who play games on their platform and now Epic Games are trying to create a similar platform for mobile phones.

The founder of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney has come out and confirmed that they do not share any kind of data of the players with other companies like Tencent. A lot of gamers were not happy because of rumors that Epic Games are sharing the data of their players with other companies.

Epic Games and Players Unknown’s Battle Ground are games which have been in a war since their release. These games are the most popular games in all the consoles now. Both the games have very different servers for players using different consoles.


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