Ex hearthstone working on a new shinier version of a Marvel mobile game

Ex hearthstone working on a new shinier version of a Marvel mobile game
Ex hearthstone working on a new shinier version of a Marvel mobile game

Marvel is a company which loves to have games added to their franchise name with its IP. It is not a surprise for the fans that Marvel has handed their superheroes and super villains to a gaming company to design them in a game.

The ex-Hearthstone team is the one who will be designing the new game and this news has made a lot of Marvel fans procrastinating about how amazing would it be. The thing about Marvel that makes their fans stick to them is that every time they come up with a movie a series or a game. This time it is not different and the fans have started showing their support on all the social media to boost the morale of the company designing the game.

The company is now filled with investment to increase their team and design the game as soon as possible. All the people who will be designing this game will have to go through a lot of scrutiny from the fans if the game does not end up well, so there is a lot of pressure for the developers to develop an engaging game.

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This Marvel Project has been handed over to the former Game Director of Hearthstone and their executive producer Hamilton Chu. Another company will be coming to play while designing the game called Second Dinner. The two companies have been successfully able to raise a total of $30 million for an investor called Net Ease which is one of China’s largest game publishers. This money is given to both the companies so that they are able to invest it to increase their team and develop a better game which all the fans will appreciate.

The marketing of Marvel is unique. They always try to grow their business in a manner that no other company is able to. They always make sure to make the utmost amount of money from a movie so that even if the movie does not do well the company is able to earn profits.

The decision of making games from Marvel is important for the fans because this is the perfect way for the fans to get to know their superheroes better even when there is no movie releasing.



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