Forged Fantasy, a 3rd person action RPG game is all set to hit the market next week

Forged Fantasy, a 3rd person action RPG game is all set to hit the market next week
Forged Fantasy, a 3rd person action RPG game is all set to hit the market next week

Hothead Games has been able to make a name for themselves in the market for developing the game Kill Shot.

Kill Shot is basically a series of mobile sniper games which is very popular in the market. Kill shot has also developed famous games like Hero Hunters which is available for free in the app store. Most of the games from this developer are hero’s shooters with a huge cast of unique characters which players can use. There are a lot of people in the market who still enjoy playing Hero Hunters. This time they have come out with a very different game.

This game is basically a 3rd person fantasy RPS game which is called Forged Fantasy. Two trailers of the game are out and people have really liked it. According to a fan

 “The trailer of the game really looks beautiful and I am really looking forward to playing this game.”

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This game which is going to release will also come with a lot of characters that players will be able to choose from. The game is almost set to release and the developers are trying to fix all the final bugs that are occurring in the game. It is expected that the game will come with a campaign mode where users will be able to find a lot of missions. This game will also help players play against other players in real time, which shows that the game will require a proper internet connection to work smoothly.

According to a gaming channel on social media:

 “We are expecting that this game will come with a Player vs. player option, Daily event options, co-op raids option and finally Gauntlet mode.”

The game will be launching on the 17th of January for Android platform. Android users are able to pre-register this phone now on their Android Play Store. This game does not come with an iOS pre-order option. People all across the globe are really excited to play this game because both the trailers that have been launched on YouTube looks very promising.

It is also expected that the game will come with excellent graphics. Everyone on the internet has created a big buzz around this game and a lot of people have already pre-registered in android platform.

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