Fortnite made almost 500 million on iOS platforms in the year 2018

Fortnite made almost 500 million on iOS platforms in the year 2018
Fortnite made almost 500 million on iOS platforms in the year 2018

Fortnite is now the most popular game in the global market. This game is available to the players in different platforms like mobile, play station, Xbox, and PC.

Day by day, the popularity of the game is increasing because more numbers of people are playing this game. This game is from Battle Royale and it is not expected to slow down in sales in the year 2019.

According to statistics, it has been seen that Fortnite was able to make almost $500 million from iOS players only in the year 2018. There were other platforms also here a lot of copies sold and people are only waiting for the final number to come out.

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According to the developer team of Fortnite:

 “When we first designed this game, we did not have any idea that it will blow up in such a big way. We had some idea that it will be popular because the gameplay is very much exciting, but we weren’t expecting such a huge response. Since the release, we have made sure that the game works well and we have come up with regular updates so that the players stay interested in the game. More and more people are playing this game regularly and we are increasing the customer base in a very rapid manner.”

The gameplay of Fortnite is very much simple. All people need to do is survive in the game and the last person who is standing on the island basically wins the game. This is totally an online game and cannot be played without any kind of internet connection. The unique thing about this game is that people are able to play this game in real time and enjoy with their friends and family too.

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There is another game in the market, which was released before Fortnite, PUBG, also known as Players Unknown Battle Ground. This game also had very similar gameplay like the Fortnite. These are the two games which are very much popular right now in the global market.

More and more people are trying to understand this game and purchase the game. The only way Fortnite is able to make money is through all the purchases that are made by the players. This game is available absolutely free for the mobile platform for iOS.



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