HeroVersus is a dream mobile fighting game for all currently in Open Beta

HeroVersus is a dream mobile fighting game for all currently in Open Beta
HeroVersus is a dream mobile fighting game for all currently in Open Beta

Fighting games have become very much popular in the past few years. More and more developers are trying to design fighting games for mobile phones so that they are able to get into this gaming sector. The fighting game industry has been very much versatile and popular after touchscreen phones became very popular.

The fighting games were designed with virtual controls on the screen so that players are able to enjoy the game in full-screen mode. The virtual buttons have been really successful for big gaming brands like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and King of Fighters. These games were able to give the users a very solid fighting experience with their smartphones. None of the games were ever able to get behind the whole virtual button in the fighting genre games and all the games were designed by manipulating all the physical controls in a very precise manner.

Then there were a few games which were basically designed by the swipe fighter technique which helps players to fight with the help of swipe motions. These controls also became very much popular. Games like Skull girls were designed with the swipe controls and became fun to play with.

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People have often wondered why the games have not been designed by combining the two ideas of controls. The game HeroVersus is basically designed with keeping two ideas which makes the gameplay much more realistic and fun to play. The HeroVersus is now the best modern fighting game available for mobile phones which has impressed a lot of people.

The trailer of the HeroVersus game is finally out and people have appreciated this trailer a lot. The trailer of the game has created a lot of curiosity amongst the people on what the game will be like and how it will be played. The controls of the game HeroVersus basically consists of a virtual joystick. This game will be released for both platforms like iOS and Android.

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All the people who are waiting for this game to release can surely go out and try the Open Beta of the game. The Open Beta of the game is released so that users are able to play the game and give their feedback about how they can make it better.



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