HTC announced “Vive Cosmos,” a PC powered Virtual Reality headset

HTC announced “Vive Cosmos,” a PC powered Virtual Reality headset
HTC announced Vive Cosmos a PC powered Virtual Reality headset

HTC has always been interested in developing products of Virtual Reality. HTC has designed Virtual Reality devices in the market that has been hugely popular amongst the gamers. HTC has once again come up with a very new Virtual Reality headset which can be used with the help of a PC called the Vive Cosmos.

HTC had made a very brief appearance at the CES and during the presentation, they mentioned this technology and product of Virtual Reality they have been working with and will launch with the support of PC. This announcement has made a lot of people interested because there is a great number of people who love using PC and this will make them to use virtual reality devices to play different games and check out different apps.

According to the news, the Vive Cosmos is one of the biggest mainstream Virtual Reality headsets from HTC. This headset is well designed and this is the reason that even if there are no external sensors, it still will be able to use fully tracked motion controllers. The best thing about the device is that it is extremely convenient and comfortable with easy setup options. This Virtual reality device can be used for both homes as well as mobile.

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HTC has still not announced the price point of the virtual reality headset and this has made a lot of fans curious. People still want to know the capabilities of the headset and so HTC came to Twitter and made an announcement that the virtual reality headset is coming soon. In the press release of the HTC of Vive Cosmos virtual reality headset, it was mentioned that the development kit will be coming in early 2019.

It is expected that the Vive Cosmos will first support in the PC and gradually, there will be updates available where this virtual reality headset from HTC will be able to support all the platforms available. It was in 2018 when HTC filed a trademark over the name Vive Cosmos and since then the speculations have started.

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In the first week of January, everything was cleared after HTC came out and announced their Virtual Reality Headset. According to HTC, this virtual reality headset Vive Cosmos will be able to bring a revolution in the world of virtual reality.



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