Is Blockchain Virtual Reality games bigger than Players Unknown Battle Ground?

Is Blockchain Virtual Reality games bigger than Players Unknown Battle Ground?
Is Blockchain Virtual Reality games bigger than Players Unknown Battle Ground?

All the real gamers know the struggle. Games were not always like this. Games were not so much glamorous like they are now. When the Family computer came and the video games were first introduced, most of the games were very slow in nature with very minimalistic graphics. The journey from that game to today’s games has been a long way.

Today we will be talking about all the significant evolution in the industry. The gaming industry is developing at a very fast pace. A lot of games are released every year and most of the games are known for their outstanding graphics quality. Two of the most popular games in the global market today are Fortnite and Players Unknown Battle Ground. People nowadays love to stay online, play games online, and interact with their friends. The game that got equally famous today is Sims. In this game, players will have to sleep, cook, and even earn their living by working.

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With these games, people have forgotten to go work in their real life, but they don’t forget to go to work in their game. Most of the games that are available now are very addictive in nature. When the internet started to connect people and gamers started to play games online and in multiplayer mode, the global gaming industry took a big hike. An online community was formed by the players depending on what type of game they play online. The tech world has developed a lot and along with it, the gaming industry has also seen growth. The first texts to the development to the MSN Messenger thank you internet from tiny webcams to Facebook and FaceTime with HD camera big on beauty filters. The blockchain is the Apple Inc. for the gaming world. This is exactly what globalization did to Pizza and internet did to drugs.

Previously, any kind of communication with the gamers was really nonexistent. Games led to chatroom and chatroom led to emails. We have come a long way since then.

People have developed along with the development of technology. Developers are more interested to make sure the games are designed with better graphics so that people really appreciate their game. Some of the developers still like to design minimalistic games which are liked by a lot of people.

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