Kingdom Hearts 3 release date news finally out in 2019

Kingdom Hearts 3 release date news finally out in 2019
Kingdom Hearts 3 release date news finally out in 2019

According to the latest news, the Kingdom Hearts 3 PC will finally be released in the year 2019 for PC. This news is not confirmed by the company, but according to sources, the news is genuine.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is one of the most awaited games for PC and it will be basically being a new entry in the popular series of games which is the Kingdom Hearts. Fans have been waiting for almost 12 years for this game to release. It almost took 12 years for Square Enix Games to come up with the latest Kingdom Hearts 3.

In the latest upcoming game, all the lead characters like Sona, Donald Duck, and Goofy will be returning. They will have to travel all across Disney and go through the darkness to proceed further in the game. People are not very sure what console it is releasing for. Some people are saying that this game will be released for Xbox console and Play station console. Some of the people have come out and said that this game will be released for PC. It is totally up on the time to decide who are correct in this and if people will be able to purchase the game for PC or for different consoles like Xbox and Play station.

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According to sources, it has been confirmed that the game has already been designed for consoles like Xbox One and Play Station 4. None of the consoles from Microsoft and Sony before this will be compatible with this game. More and more fans of this game want it to released on PC and this is the reason the official website has been filled up with comments from the fans. There has not been any official statement from the company till now about the game.

Now, the big question stays that if this game will be available for PC or not. Sources are not very sure about the PC release of the game. The sources have confirmed that this game will definitely be releasing for different consoles like Xbox One and Play station 4.

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According to an interview which was given by the technical director of Square Enix Takeshi Aramaki in the early 2018, they are working on a game which will be released in as many consoles as possible. According to this statement, people can say that this game will surely be releasing for PC.



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