Most profitable PC games of the year 2018 on Steam

Most profitable PC games of the year 2018 on Steam
Most profitable PC games of the year 2018 on Steam

In the global gaming market, there has been a huge debate going on. This debate is basically on which company or game was able to be the most profitable in the year 2018 on the Steam platform.

Some people have been fighting about which platform is better for gaming. There are people who have been supporting the Play station and others are supporting the Xbox. There is also a third group of people who are saying that PC gaming is the best way to experience any kind of video game. If you have some idea about PC gaming, then you might have heard about Steam.

Steam is basically a platform for PC gamers. This platform helps users play all their favorite games online. Steam is basically the biggest gaming platform in the global market and therefore, people have now become very much curious that which game was the highest grossing game on Steam in the year 2018. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was the biggest game of the year 2018. It also turned out to be the biggest earners of the year 2018 in the Steam platform.

DOTA 2 has still earned a lot of revenue from Steam. DOTA 2 is a very old game, but the fanbase of the game has stayed loyal to it and people are still enjoying this game no matter how much time it has spent in the market. The multiplayer mode of this game is the reason why people are so much interested in the game. There are gamers all across the world who still spend a lot of money on this game. This game has a massive number of players playing online, making it very much popular and fun to play.

PUBG also was known as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has been one of the most popular games all around the year. This game has the ultimate function. The game has a very iconic battle arena and a lot of other games have been inspired by this video game. This is one of the most played games on Steam. This game has generated a lot of revenue on Steam because people have purchased this game all across the world. This is one of the games which is very much popular in the global market and it is expected that more people will start playing this game next year.



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