New Battlefield 5 will now let people kill others with the help of tractors

New Battlefield 5 will now let people kill others with the help of tractors
New Battlefield 5 will now let people kill others with the help of tractors

The game Battlefield V is basically set up during the World War 2. This game is designed around all the famous moments of the war where the whole bunch of soldier’s battle inside a shrinking fire circle in an effort to be the last squad standing. The history books might have taken a different approach towards the game, but the New battlefield game made sure that they took the approach in the same way.

According to the developer of the game:

 “We already had a rough release date for Firestorm and a new trailer for upcoming updates gives us just a tiny tease of what’s coming. Specifically: tractors. Yes, you’ll be able to drive farm equipment’s in Firestorm.”

The gaming industry has come a long way and most of the developers now work hard so that they are able to make the game more and more realistic. The new Battlefield 5 is made very much realistic and just like in the time of world war 2, all the soldiers will be able to roam about the villages and firms and also able to drive tractors. The developers have designed the tractors in such a way that players will be able to kill enemies by running them over a tractor.

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The Firestorm is basically a Chapter 3 update for the game and this will be starting this week on the 17th of January. A lot of new weapons will be included which are ZK 383 SMG, M1922 MMG and the Modele 1994. In this update, there is another mode added which is the 8×8 squad mode, which will be available till the 30th of January 2019.

It is expected that the developers will be also including new maps to this game. The battlefield game is one of the most thrilling games available in the market now. This game is so popular that it is released for almost all the consoles available. This game is available for PC, Xbox, and Play station. The reason why this game is so much popular is that of the co-op mode. It has been some time that the game Battlefield 5 has been launched and people have appreciated this game a lot. There were a few complaints about the game by the users but it is expected that everything will be fixed in the coming chapter update.



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