The Next Generation PCI 7 Is Soon on the Horizon

Bjorn Stokke

PCI-SIG, the standardization body for PCI, has achieved significant breakthroughs with the next generation of PCI, PCI 7. PCI-SIG stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect Special Interest Group, an organization formed to develop and maintain the specifications for PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) and its derived technologies.

PCI is a standard for connecting peripheral devices to computers, and it has become one of the most widely used interface standards for connecting external devices such as graphics cards, sound cards, network cards, and others to computers.


The Next Generation PCI 7 Will Be Backwards Compatible

In the press release from PCI-SIG, the standardization of the new PCI 7 will now reach its completion in the coming year, and then it will take a few more years before a wide range of PCI 7 products becomes available to consumers. However, we already have insight into the potential speeds we will be able to benefit from by 2026/2027, as PCIe speeds continue their impressive development with each new generation.

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In other words, PCI 7 express will be capable of conducting 128 transfers per second. This represents a significant advancement, with a speed eight times faster than what we see with the 4.0 standard, and a considerable four times faster than 5.0.

The upcoming PCI 7.0 standard will thus have the capacity to deliver an impressive speed of 512GB/s in both directions through an x16 interface, while still maintaining a respectable speed of 128GB/s with a 4x connection on the motherboard.

Pci-Sig Summarizes on Their Website:

  • Delivering 128 GT/s raw bit rate and up to 512 GB/s bi-directionally via x16 configuration.
  • Utilizing PAM4 (Pulse Amplitude Modulation with 4 levels) signaling.
  • Focusing on maintaining the channel parameters and reach.
  • Continuing to deliver the low-latency and high-reliability targets.
  • Improving power efficiency.
  • Maintaining backwards compatibility with all previous generations of PCIe technology.

The Scalability of PCI Is Not an Issue

PCI Express has impressive scalability, allowing adaptation to various bandwidth needs by adding more lanes or upgrading to newer versions with higher speeds. This makes it smooth to meet the continuous increase in the need for data transfer in modern computer systems.

In addition, PCI 7 Express offers low latency compared to other connection standards, enabling fast and responsive data transfer between devices. This contributes to a more seamless and efficient user experience.

Furthermore, additional features such as hot-swappability and built-in power management technology enhance the appeal of PCI Express. Hot-swapping allows users to connect and remove devices while the computer is in operation, without the need for a restart, which is particularly valuable in environments where continuous operation is crucial. The built-in power management technology helps reduce power consumption when devices are not in use, which can extend the battery life of laptops and reduce power costs in data centers.

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PCI Express is a robust universal standard supported by a wide range of devices and manufacturers, making it easy to find compatible components and expand the system. Overall, PCI Express offers a reliable, fast, and efficient connection method for external devices that is highly scalable, and it has become an integral part of modern computer architecture thanks to its many benefits.

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