Nexon M announces new RPG game “Alliance vs Empire” to release this year on Android and iOS

Nexon M announces new RPG game “Alliance vs Empire” to release this year on Android and iOS
Nexon M announces new RPG game “Alliance vs Empire” to release this year on Android and iOS

The year 2018 was full of Battle Royale game in all the mobile platforms. This year is going to be more of MMORPG. Nexon M has finally announced the release of their latest game Alliance vs Empire which will be releasing for both Android and iOS platform. This game is popularly called AxE and the trailer of the game has surely made a lot of people excited.

According to the developers, they have finally designed a game which will help people experience mobile gaming with the help of a console. In this game, Alliance vs Empire there are a total of 150 players who will be playing with 75 vs 75 battle. This will be the first game for Android and iOS where a total of 150 people will be able to fight against each other in real time. People have really liked the trailer because of the graphics and the gameplay.

It is expected that the gameplay of AxE will be very much smoother and people will be able to very easily play different modes. There is a co-op mode available in the game along with the competitive mode. The pre-registration has already started and a lot of people have already registered themselves for the game.

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According to a mobile gamer:

 “I have been waiting for this game for quite a long time and I am really happy that it is finally here.”

This game will not only be available for the iPhones but will also be available for iPads.

According to the developers:

 “We were not expecting such a huge response of the game. We were happy when people liked the trailer but when we got so many pre-registrations we were really overwhelmed. We will be really happy when people will end up liking this game.”

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The main focus of the developers is to release the game worldwide so that they are able to reach the maximum a number of countries and capture the global market. If you are looking for a 75 vs 75 games, then simply make sure to download and register it beforehand so that you are able to play the game as soon as the game hits the app store and the play store.



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