Nintendo mobile games ended up earning $348 million in 2018

Nintendo mobile games ended up earning $348 million in 2018
Nintendo mobile games ended up earning $348 million in 2018

Nintendo has always been very popular in the gaming industry. In the world of gaming consoles, there was a time that Nintendo was known for ruling the segment. They were known for creating new games and innovating new technologies in the market.

Nintendo was out of the game for a long period of time, but finally a few years back, they came back with their famous Nintendo Switch console. The console was the perfect product for them to enter into the gaming sector again. Nintendo has also been expanding into mobile games in the year 2018. In the year 2018, there was a revenue collection of approximately $348 million by Nintendo. This revenue is only collected from all the mobile games that Nintendo released in the year 2018 for the Android and iOS mobile platforms.

All the analytics were shared by the Sensor Tower this week on Nintendo. This is a record which Nintendo was able to hit in their fourth quarter of 2018. In the last quarter, they were able to earn a revenue of $117 million. Nintendo has finally able to increase it’s earning about 15 percent compared to their earning in 2018. All the revenue that Nintendo collected in 2018 was because of their game called Fire Emblem Heroes. This game has helped Nintendo to collect about 66 percent of the revenue of 2018.

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Since the release of the game in the global market, this game has been successfully able to earn a revenue of $487 million. The newest game which has been designed by Nintendo is Dragalia Lost. This game has not been able to earn a lot of revenue, but it surely has contributed to the total revenue of the year. This game was able to earn about $58.4 million worldwide. Another game from Nintendo which was able to earn about $48.6 million in 20178 is the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Nintendo has been popular amongst people since the time it has designed Mario. Mario is still a very popular game and Nintendo has been able to keep its legacy. Nintendo is now trying to expand and this is the reason they entered into the mobile segment. To make their revenue collection more, Nintendo made sure to design games for both Android as well as iOS platform in 2018.

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