Review of Vast Pocket Edition: “the vast shooter is not fun”

Review of Vast Pocket Edition: “the vast shooter is not fun”
Review of Vast Pocket Edition: “the vast shooter is not fun”

It’s assumed that the game VAST is probably going to get a Platinum Award. The game VAST just tries to be extra special throwing together a premium First Person Shooter adventure experience with a solid art style and with a very vast amount of content. The negative thing about this game is that all the controls of the game are very bad. The controls of the game make this game disliked by a lot of people in the gaming world.

The game generally starts with stumbling out of a pod just like Halo. The story of Vast is interesting and you start to wonder about the vast echoing confines of your ship to try to figure out what exactly is going on. Players need to walk into things for almost twenty minutes and then suddenly they will have to start spinning while looking at the ceiling. The first enemy will pop out. Till players reach this stage, they will have a very clear understanding that the game is basically a broken game and aliens will also not change anything.

Another big disadvantage about this game is that players will not be able to shoot and aim at the same point of time, which makes firing from weapons harder for players. This game is expected to be far away from the games which people enjoy to play. The death of the player in the game is definitely a big comfortable release from the game. The VAST game comes with a long list of sources. The game is inspired by different games in like Half-Life, Quake and also Metroid Prime.

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According to a gamer:

 “This is the worst game that I personally have come across in the last decade. With so much development in technology, how could someone come up with a game like this.”

The controls of the game are so bad that players are unable to play the game. Not a lot of people have the patience to bear this game and end the game by playing it. Most of the people are not able to go halfway with this game. An amateur gamer has come out and said:

 “It is literally impossible to have the patience to end this game because the gameplay is so bad and the controls absolutely have no connection with the game.”



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