Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice protagonist to speak in the game

Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice protagonist to speak in the game
Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice protagonist to speak in the game

Some sources have revealed that the game Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice will change how the story of a game is being told. It is expected that the storyline of the game will be a mix of beauty against death. The storyline of the game is specific to one character and it is very much similar to the other game they previously had.

In an interview of Game Informer, the Software marketing and communications manager Yasuhiro Kitao said:

“We’re trying to tell more of a drama, if you will, of these characters. Sekiro basically follows the changing relationship between Young Lord and his guardian The Wolf, the latter of which you play as.”

In the game, the Wolf is defeated and an arm is cut off. In the game, The Wolf will receive a prosthetic arm and after that, both of them will go for a quest to look for Young Lord and kill all those who were responsible for the whole situation. As the game will proceed, people will get to meet new characters in the game who will help them to go forward in the game. The best thing about the game is that it will help the users build their own characters and own back story.

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The story of the Wolf is already established, but users will be able to establish their own back story with the other characters. Players will be able to theorize their own story along the game. Players will be able to choose whom they want to make friends and whom they want to be enemies with. A lot of games have been developed in the last few years, but none of the games have been made with a strong storyline as this.

In Sekiro From Software, a lot of conventions will be broken just like the past Soulborne games. The best change that has been made in the game is how the boss battle plays out. Some of the features added to the game will make a lot of difference in the gameplay.

The gameplay has also been drastically improved to give the players better gaming experience. Unlike the other games like Bloodborne and Dark Soul III generally does not come with a hub area, but this will definitely come with one. This game will be available for PC, Play Station 4, Xbox One from the 22nd of March 2019.

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