Slightly Mad Studios to release Console which delivers 90 fps to VR headsets

Slightly Mad Studios to release Console which delivers 90 fps to VR headsets
Slightly Mad Studios to release Console which delivers 90 fps to VR headsets

Slightly Mad Studios will finally be releasing their latest console called the Mad Box which will help to deliver about 90 frames per second to the Virtual Reality headsets.

Slightly Mad Studios is basically the same company who is known for creating the franchise called Project CARS. It was announced this week that Slightly Mad Studios will be coming up with their new console. This console is very powerful in nature and this is the reason why it will be able to support 90 frames per second on a virtual reality headset. This console will be able to bring on a revolution in the console as well as the virtual reality segment.

Previously, it was decided that the console will be delivering about 60 frames per second, but during the announcement of the product, they announced that the console will support 90 frames per second in the virtual reality headset. 90 frames per second is a very strong display specification and this is why people have already guessed how powerful the machine will be.

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There are other consoles in the market, which is known for delivering 90 frames per second, but they are not affordable in nature. The console that has been designed by Slightly Mad Studios looks very futuristic in nature and the whole gaming industry is really looking forward to its release.

The latest console comes with the shape of M which basically symbolizes the Max Box. The Twitter of Slightly Mad Box has been filled up with tweets from the fans and this is exactly what the response the company was looking for. According to the company, this is the first time that they have designed a console, which will support 90 frames per second display by these consoles have not become so much popular yet.

Once the Virtual Reality consoles become popular, it is expected that this is the company which will be ruling the market because of its innovative design and competitive pricing. This Mad Box will not be available for the consumers soon. This box will be sold to different companies and it will be very much harder for a person to get their hands on this console. This Mad Box from Slightly Mad Studios comes with different colors from which the users will have the option to choose.



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