Sony Claims PSVR2 will not be launched along with PS5

Sony Claims PSVR2 will not be launched along with PS5
Sony Claims PSVR2 will not be launched along with PS5

The past couple of months have really awakened the speculation about the PSVR 2 front. To begin with, Sony affirmed it had been creating a next-generation console which would encourage VR. Then, only a week, its mind of R&D comprehensive what he hopes to see from next-generation headsets. But we should not hold our breath to get a true show anytime soon.

After last week’s report, Cnet followed using Sony’s Dominic Mallinson. They covered lots of the exact same floor, but Mallinson did state that he did not anticipate PSVR 2 to launch next to PS5.

“There’s no reason for us to coincide it with a new console,” he explained. “From the point of view of the consumer, to be bombarded with many many things — oh, you have to buy this, you have to buy that — is a message that we don’t want to send. In some ways, it’s good to have a little breathing space between those things.”

We are not surprised to hear that. The first PSVR started in late 2016, three years following the coming of the PS4 itself. We do understand Sony’s next console is not releasing this season, but it’s expected in 2020. We wouldn’t expect Sony to wait for another 3 years then to launch PSVR 2; the headset is going to be a relic by there, but if we expect it at 2021 or 2022?

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The wait may appear excruciating in mid-2019, however, the more Sony waits the greater PSVR 2 is. In his discussion at Collision 2019 final week, Mallinson outlined several regions of improvement like resolution, a field of opinion and maybe even eye-tracking. Updating and adding these attributes will undoubtedly be expensive. Obtaining them down into a price that is ideal for customers will be Sony’s crucial to success.



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