Staff of St. Joseph’s Healthcare using virtual reality seclusion rooms

Staff of St. Joseph’s Healthcare using virtual reality seclusion rooms
Staff of St. Joseph’s Healthcare using virtual reality seclusion rooms

A very new program is conducted by the St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton Campus in their premises in Hamilton related to psychiatric problems.

Ontario is now exposing different health care employees so that they are able to adapt to living in an isolated place and able to build hope and supportive relationship with patients even when they are living in a seclusion room. This study is conducted to have a clear understanding of the minds of all the different psychiatric patients.

Most of the people who are using this technology and are a part of this program will be able to interact with people and build relationships, even when they stay away from people in a secluded room. This will help people to build their personality in a better way. The doctors will also be able to study the working of the brain in a better way and find out what is wrong with the brain. This research is being led by Dr. Gary Chaimowitz who is a Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences professor at the famous McMaster University. He is also the head of the service and the forensics department at the St. Joseph’s Healthcare.

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The program in the hospital will be conducted in rooms which do not have any window or bathroom. The room is very much similar to a prison cell. The virtual reality will help the people to design their own room according to their wish.

The experience in the seclusion room will help to participate and gain the attention of all the in-game hospital staff so that they are able to use the bathroom. When they will be calling out for assistance, they will be able to get 10 responses which include “Yes,” “hold on a second,” “we are busy right now,” and many more.

It is expected that this use of virtual reality in the hospitals will make a breakthrough in the health care industry. This program is very much complicated in nature and also very much challenging. It is expected that there will be some hiccups along the way, but everything will fine in the end. This will be a perfect opportunity for the people of the hospital like the doctors and the attendants to study the behavior of the patients and treat them according to the need. The doctors are also very curious to find out how long it will take for the virtual reality to make the patients anxious.



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