Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission now available on Switch and PC

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission now available on Switch and PC
Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission now available on Switch and PC

Bandai Namco Entertainment will be launching their new game Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission this April 2019. It is expected that this game will be made available for the Nintendo Switch and PC. This is basically an RPG game which people have been waiting for quite a long time. All the Dragon Ballz fans are really excited to play this game.

The series of Dragon Ball Heroes launched a card game last summer and also have a promotional anime tied into it. This was outside the primary Dragon Ball canon. The storyline of the game is fairly simple. The game starts with Beat who lives in a place called Hero Town. He tries to take part in the World Mission’s metagame. The beat has the aim of becoming the best at playing the Super Dragon Heroes card game. All other characters like Trunks and Goku come to help out Beat along the way.

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This game will be focusing on RPG and this is something that the Dragon Ball series have not tried earlier. The Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission will be launching on the 5th of April 2019. A lot of people have been very excited to play this game out and find out how the developers have made the game. Some of the people are not very happy because there has not been any kind of announcement about the launch of the Xbox and Play station version of the game.

According to an online gamer:

“I was expecting this game to launch in Play Station 4 but since they are not releasing it for that console I will end up getting myself a copy of the PC version. I have no idea why the developers have not thought of releasing the game for Play station because Play station is now one of the most popular consoles in the global market.”

The price that the game will be released at for the PC and Nintendo Switch is still not disclosed. People are waiting to find out what the game has in store. The game will be coming in the month of April, but it is expected that the developers will be releasing a couple of trailers with the help of which people will be able to get a clear idea of the gameplay of Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

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