The custom mode of Dota 2 is a lot more popular than Artifact

The custom mode of Dota 2 is a lot more popular than Artifact
The custom mode of Dota 2 is a lot more popular than Artifact

A lot of people are trying to figure out how the Dota Auto Chess works. It is basically a brand new Dota 2 custom game mode, which has been created by a team of Chinese developers called Drodo Studio. This new update is definitely taking the Dota 2 scene by storm. This new custom mode has attracted almost 100,000 concurrent players which have made it almost 20 times popular as Valve’s own Artifact during the same time.

Though the name is like Chess, it is actually very much different from the game Chess. The only thing that is similar is that this game is also played between 64 squares. The main goal of the players will be to stay amongst the last eight players alive in the ring.

The only way to win is by earning gold and buying pieces so that they can be placed on the board. The Dota Auto Chess is not that simple. Layers and layers complexity is mixed with this game. All the pieces that need to be bought should be Dota 2 heroes and after each and every round, players will get a random selection of them to pick from.

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Players will only be able to level up if they buy duplicates in the game. Players will require 3 levels one hero to get one level 2 hero and three levels two heroes to get one level, three hero. Each of the heroes which are available in the game has their own set of powers and abilities so players will need to be familiar with it from the Dota 2 extensive roster. Players will also need to learn about how each superhero is implemented in the Dota Auto Chess and how they synergize across class, race, and ability set. There are a lot of familiar items in the game which can be equipped by the players.

Each round of the game will basically be a face off against a wave of clones or a wave of creeps of one of the opponents. The random element of the Dota 2 Chess makes the game much more unique and interesting to play. This game needs a lot of learning for the people. Dota is known for having complex gameplay and this custom has lived up to the expectation. The Dota 2 was launched on 4th Jan and since then almost 45,000 players are active in the game.

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