The Resident Evil 2 time limited 1 shot demo is out now

The Resident Evil 2 time limited 1 shot demo is out now
The Resident Evil 2 time limited 1 shot demo is out now

When it comes to the bad first-day experience of new job nothing can really beat Leon Kennedy’s. People need to try on the latest Resident Evil 2 remake demo to be sure if it is true or not. This demo was released later today than expected. The demo consists of a total of 30 minutes of the upcoming horror rework. The demo is about 7.2 GB heavy and it gets expanded when it is installed. People will be able to play the game from Steam. This demo will allow players to only play for 30 minutes after they have set up all the controls of the game.

It has been notified by the developer that the download will disappear on its own on the 31st of January 2019. The first thing that everyone needs to understand that this is not the Resident Evil game that people grew up playing. The storyline could be more or less similar, but the gameplay has changed drastically.

According to a person who played the demo:

 “I played the game with mouse and keyboard and the gameplay is very  slick and the UI is also extraordinarily good.”

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The aim of the game is very sharp and players will be able to control the game simply by using the left and right mouse buttons. Players might end up needing the occasional use of spacebar in the game. This game feels like playing the game Dead Space, but with a lot better controls and smooth gameplay. The demo of the game looks really nice and a lot of people are really happy with the way the game has turned out to be.

The graphics of the game are exceptional and this is the reason people with 8 GB RAM will be able to play the game with high graphics settings. The game runs exceptionally smooth, even at a high graphics option The developer of the game has said:

 “We were trying to build a game which is very different from other games of this franchise and I think we have succeeded in building it. We are really happy with the initial response of the game.”

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There are a lot of things that players will be able to do in this demo, but the sad part is players are only allowed to play the demo for 30 minutes.



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