The upcoming game “Skibs” is going to mess up with the brain of the players

The upcoming game “Skibs” is going to mess up with the brain of the players
The upcoming game “Skibs” is going to mess up with the brain of the players

The infinite runner cave flyers are very common in the mobile gaming world. There are two ways people play those games. Some people prefer to play the game, keeping their screen horizontal and others prefer to play keeping the phone vertical. Almost everyone using a mobile phone likes to play this kind of games. In more or fewer cases, people try to play as a little triangle which is avoiding to crash the walls.

This genre of games is perfect for mobile because they do not take up a lot of space in the phone and is perfect for playing on the go when you are bored. The gaming market of 2019 is very competitive and therefore, to shine from the rest it is important for people to be unique in nature.

The game Skibs is from Heinous Games which has been developed by Steven Hanus. People were expecting a tiny triangle in the game and it is finally here in the game. The best thing about the game is it is simple.

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According to the developer:

 “We have tried to keep the game with minimalistic visuals so that people don’t feel stressed while playing the game and they actually enjoy it without having to spend a lot of phone memory on the game.”

This game comes with power up option which will mess up the whole game for the player. There are options of fading the playfields and also swelling and shrinking of the playing field. These changes make the chances of a crash more likely.

According to the developer of the game:

 “This game uses geometric art to induce a motion aftereffect. This game is designed to explicitly cause visual illusions with all the skilled players.”

It is expected by the developers that there will be times that the players will actually hallucinate if they play the game for a long period of time. The neatest thing about the game is how it proceeds on all the further level. All players need to do is simply achieve the three goals that are given to them every level.

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Players will only be able to proceed after completing the goals in each level. Skibs seems to be a very interesting game with a very unique twist. The game is all set to launch on 8th February and the pre-order has already been started.




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