Travis Strikes Again will soon be available for PC and PS4

Travis Strikes Again will soon be available for PC and PS4
Travis Strikes Again will soon be available for PC and PS4

Travis Attacks Again, the No More Heroes spinoff that started in January as an exclusive for Nintendo Switch, is led to new platforms. The game is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC, game director Suda51 declared at the Momocon 2019 occasion in Atlanta this weekend.

There’s not any word on if Travis Attacks Again will start on PS4 and PC, what gaps there can be contrasted to the Shift variant, or if it will also launch on Xbox One. Suda51 stated in a tweet,

“We just announced that Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will be coming to PS4 and Steam! Stay tuned for more information!#Momocon2019”

Travis Strikes Again occurs seven years following the events of No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. In a plot that’s appropriately ridiculous, Travis Touchdown finds himself trapped in a haunted game movie console known as the Death Drive Mk-II. Together with Badman, Travis has to fight his way from the Death Drive’s six distinct matches hack-and-slash style.

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The sport provides co-operative play with one participant as Travis and another as Badman; there will also be distinctive co-op special strikes to pull.

Looking forward, Suda51 has stated there could be No More Heroes news arriving at E3 at June. The end to Travis Attacks Again really strongly suggested a brand new No More Heroes game was in development. Asked by Siliconera concerning the end, Suda responded with a laugh,”I wonder what that was myself. It may be Travis messing about. [Laughs] I expect around E3 time I will have something cool to declare.”

The No More Heroes show began using 2007’s No More Heroes for Nintendo Wii. It was followed in 2010 by No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, that was also published on Wii.

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