Valve blocked a lot of players in the month of December

Valve blocked a lot of players in the month of December
Valve blocked a lot of players in the month of December

VAC, which is popularly known as the Valve Anti Cheat system was able to catch a recorded number of players for cheating in the month of December.

There were more than 600,000 people who received a ban in the month of December for playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. CS: GO is one of the most popular games amongst players all over the world. A lot of players use different cheaters or use other methods to cheat in the game. A lot of players who play these games with a lot of dedication end up losing interest in the game because of all the cheaters. This is the reason the company has decided that all the users who are found cheating in this game will be banned from this game.

The company is now trying to reduce the cheaters in this platform. More and more people are getting banned every month because the security of the game is increasing in a drastic manner. This is a multiple ban wave which has been much popular recently because of the growing problems in the games due to cheaters.

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Counter-Strike developers have come out and announced that they are not supporting any kind of cheating in this platform and they will do anything to avoid it by any means. The popularity of the game Counterstrike is increasing in a rapid manner amongst online players.

Since December is the month of holidays there were more numbers of people using this game and therefore more people were banned from playing this game online. This ban has a five strike policy. If the user ends up having five strikes, then they will end up getting banned from the game.

The importance of VAC is also increasing in a very rapid manner. People are getting used to all the different games which are played on different online platforms. VAC is able to capture all the cheats and emulators which are used by different players during an online game. There has been a lot of bans in the game, but still, there are people who are cheating on this website.

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It is being said that if players are able to trace a person using the cheat, it is recommended to report them and the company will later investigate on the whole situation and decide if they should be banned or not.



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