Warner Bros and Bethesda resolve the Westworld fallout shelter lawsuit

Warner Bros and Bethesda resolve the Westworld fallout shelter lawsuit
Warner Bros and Bethesda resolve the Westworld fallout shelter lawsuit

In the month of June in 2018, Bethesda Softworks came out and said that Behavior Interactive which is basically the co-developer of the Fallout Shelter has used different copyrighted code so that they were able to make Westworld mobile games.

This mobile game was specifically designed for Warner Brother Entertainment. After this, Bethesda Softworks ended up suing Warner Bros and Behavior Interactive. According to Bethesda Softworks, all the codes have been blindly copied by them and this is a case of simple blatant rip-off. According to rumors, it has been seen that the lawsuit has been resolved between the three parties. Bethesda has come out and announced that the resolution was amicable after all the details were revealed.

There was a notice which was filed in the United States Federal Court and both the parties paid their own lawyer costs and it has also been mentioned that this claim will not again be made by Bethesda Softworks because this time they have dismissed it with prejudice. This notice was discovered by Polygon and it was fined on the 12th of December last year.

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Bethesda is still not sure about how a bug in Fallout Shelter can be present in Westworld. Westworld has been popular for a long period of time in the App store from Apple and the Play Store from Android. This game is free to download on mobile platforms. The game fallout shelter was released in the year 2015 and became very much popular after it was released for platforms like Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, and Play Station 4.

In an event in E3, Bethesda finally came out and announced that their game Fallout shelter has been successfully able to reach 120 million players. This game is one of the most popular games in the global market now.

The iOS version of the Fallout game was finally launched in a total of 48 countries, it was ranked as the most downloaded game. In total 25 countries, this game became the most popular app. This app was able to become the third highest grossing app in the App Store in just one week. This application crossed popular games like Candy Crush.

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The popularity of the Fallout game is increasing day by day in the Android and iOS platforms.



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