Word Forward gives a new challenge for word puzzle game lovers

Word Forward gives a new challenge for word puzzle game lovers
Word Forward gives a new challenge for word puzzle game lovers

Word games are among the very popular smartphone games in part because they may be appreciated by folks of all ages. Who among us has not spent some time playing with games such as Words With Friends, murdered time with the superb NYTimes Crossword, or checked out the abundance of word-building games on the Google Play Store?

With all these matches retreading the exact same land, it could be really difficult for a brand new game to stick out from the bunch. Word Forward accomplishes this by blending the familiar word construction components with fresh challenging twists that need more strategy than you would usually expect from word games.

The premise is quite simple: you have to clear a 5-by-5 board of letters by linking tiles and creating words which utilize three letters or longer. The tricky part is doing this in a manner that does not render any letters. Rather than a randomly created plank, each level provides you a set plank to clean and there is something like 500 puzzles to work through.

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This sport is serious business. Just once you think you are doing nicely by landing some big words, you’ve hit a wall and realize that you have not planned out how to use the rest of the tiles and be made to start over. But you’ve got five electricity ups at your disposal and they come in handy.

Each level provides you two arbitrary letters to swap, a randomizer which swaps out all of the remaining tiles onto the board with new ones, the capacity to change 1 tile into a touch of your choice, and a bomb which allows you eliminate 1 pesky tile in the board. In addition, you accumulate tile swap moves since you produce words, that allows you to swap any two tiles on the board that could enable you to create larger words and provides a fantastic layer of strategy into the game.

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Word Forward is a paid app with no advertisements or even in-app purchases. If you like a fantastic word mystery challenge, then this game is absolutely worth your time.



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